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Before I started this blog, I did not know the reality of Analytics Addiction. I would hear bloggers talk about obsessively reviewing Google Analytics and thought simply that they needed to get out more. I mean, I run a company blog and I’m familiar with GA. I’ve had my share of nerdy fun poking around and looking at all the numbers. But I don’t feel compelled to log in all the time.

Now I understand, and I am similarly afflicted. My name is Cindy Meltzer, and I am an Analytics Addict.

Hi, Cindy.

But rather than run off to find a support group, I’ve decided to embrace my addiction. I’ve decided it’s healthy. Like being addicted to broccoli or something.

I mean, it’s just numbers, right? And numbers make your brain work. And by working your brain, it stays sharp, right?

I think they call this denial.

Anyway, let’s get to the point of this post. Fellow addicts, I give you Quicklytics. A super simple little app for your iPhone or iPad that will give you a brief overview of your numbers for the day or the month. It’s 99 cents, and well worth the investment for the convenience of feeding your analytics addiction from anywhere you happen to be.

By the way, Quicklytics used to be called Cracklytics. While I am grateful for the name change, I think the latter may have been more accurate, don’t you?

UPDATE 3/19/11: Escoz Inc. just released the newest version of Quicklytics and I love the updates! It has an improved interface with additional reports, plus now full support for iPad! Read the details about Quicklytics v.6 on their blog. Now priced at $1.99, it’s still very much worth the investment to see your analytics at a glance.

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5 thoughts on “Quicklytics: A Little App for Analytics Addicts

  1. Hi Cindy!!

    Thanks do much for the awesome review of my app! Reading it was really funny! I too suffer from analytics addiction and I creates the app exactly for people like us!

    Really glad you like it!

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