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Thinking of creating a Facebook Page for your blog? Whether you’re brand new to the blogosphere or a well-established blogger, there are some compelling reasons to build a companion Facebook Page for your blog. And there are some just as compelling reasons not to. Take a look at 3 reasons for and against making a page, and decide what’s best for your blog.

3 reasons you should create a Facebook Page for your blog:

1. Your Facebook Page could drive significant traffic to your blog. Hey, guess what? Your blog readers are on Facebook. Do you write a blog for moms? They’re on Facebook. Dads? 20-somethings? They’re on Facebook. Seniors? Coupon-clippers? Glee fans? Kayak enthusiasts? They’re all on Facebook. 500 million of us are. Depending on your readership, it’s possible you could drive more traffic to your blog from Facebook than from organic search or pay-per-click ads. Many less tech-savvy blog readers don’t use Twitter or a RSS reader, but they do check Facebook at least once a day. Serve up your blog on their News Feed walls, and you may be surprised at the response.

2. You can interact with your readers in a different way. Want more interaction with your readers outside of the comments box? Facebook is a fun place to “talk” to your readers—ask questions, take polls. Some bloggers I know are eager to work with brands, but product reviews just don’t “fit” on their blog. A blog’s Facebook Page can be a platform for content. Other bloggers are quite the opposite—their blogs are review/giveaway sites and they use their blog’s Facebook page to get more personal.

3. You can run new and different contests and giveaways. You can run contests on Facebook that would be difficult or even impossible on your blog, such as photo contests and product face-offs. And the viral nature of Facebook will help you increase the number of entries. You can even make people “Like” your page in order to enter the contest. Remember, Facebook has very strict rules about running contests on their platform, and some brands have had their pages taken down for not following them. But don’t let that scare you. Facebook changed the rules about contests last December, and it’s good news for small brands and bloggers. You no longer need to get formal permission from Facebook to run a contest on your page. (In the past, “getting permission” required a $10,000 ad account on Facebook. I’m not kidding.) But there are still rules. In order to stay above board, use an application like Offerpop or Wildfire to manage your contest. I use Offerpop to run contests on the Isis Parenting Facebook page, and I’ve had a great experience with them. Your first contest is free, and until you hit 2,500 likes, each subsequent contest costs just $30.

3 reasons you should NOT create a Facebook Page for your blog:

1. Your readers don’t use Facebook to discover and consume blog content. Sure, everyone is on Facebook. But not all of us use Facebook for the same reasons. For example, most of the readers of social media blogs like The Social Craft discover and consume content via Twitter. If your blog is heavily business or technology related, it may not benefit very much from a Facebook page. People visit Facebook casually, to socialize and connect with friends, not to consume business content.

2. Your blog deals with a sensitive topic. Okay, don’t get me wrong here– I have absolutely no problem with any blog creating a Facebook page, no matter what the topic. However, because of the open nature of Facebook, some blogs with more sensitive topics may not benefit from a Facebook page. Unless all of your readers have their profiles locked down (and believe me, they don’t), whenever they “like” or write a comment on your page, it will show up on their wall for their friends to see. If your blog offers a community of support for, say, sexual abuse survivors or infertile couples—your readers won’t be as likely to interact with your page on a public platform like Facebook. And without active, public engagement, setting up and maintaining a Facebook Page isn’t worth your time and effort. (A Facebook group may actually be your best bet.)

3. You don’t have time to maintain the page. A flat, static Facebook page is not going to benefit your blog. It could actually make your content appear stale. If you’re not ready to commit to posting to your blog’s Facebook page at least once a week, you probably shouldn’t have one. And if you think you can just connect your RSS feed to your blog’s Facebook page and call it a day, you definitely shouldn’t have one.

Do you have a Facebook page for your blog? Has it proven to be successful?

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16 thoughts on “Do You Need a Facebook Page for Your Blog? Yes. And No.

  1. My blog has a facebook page and it has brought significant raffic to my blog. i like your ideas about contests and posting photos. Great post.

  2. I like #2 under should. That’s the reason I would do it. But I’m not entirely convinced. I have less than 300 friends on fb. How would I get people to like my blog’s fb page? How would I publicize it without being obnoxious? I love you.

    1. Using your existing friends is one way to publicize the page, but it’s definitely not the only way. Since you have good blog traffic, your best bet is to use your blog to promote the Facebook page, first by blogging about it (what is the page for, why you created it) and by creating static links over to the page with some teaser text and/or buttons. You could use a Facebook social plugin to display your FB feed on the sidebar of your blog (See this in action on the Isis blog: isisparenting.com/blog). I don’t think any of that is obnoxious — you’re simply creating a path between the two pages so your readers can explore them both. Love you, too. 🙂

  3. Thanks Cindy – very useful. I especially appreciated the part about contest rules – I knew they’d changed but hadn’t figured out the particulars. I’ll go check out those contest tools!

    1. You’re welcome. Facebook contest rules are frustratingly vague, which is why trusted contest apps are the best way to go. Good luck!

      1. Hi Cindy, thanks for the helpful post. I truly appreciate. My question is this; I have several facebook pages and a blogsite. Naturally, my blog traffic comes primarily from my several facebook pages. However, I have struggled unsuccessfully to build a bigger audience for my twitter account, but have been unsuccessful at it. Any tips on building a bigger twitter community, or should I just stick to my facebook traffic? (One of my facebook account has 110k “likes”, one has 16k, and the newest one has 4k “likes”).

        1. It sounds like you have been very successful on Facebook. As far as building up Twitter, I would ask you to consider 1) whether you feel your target audience is on Twitter; and 2) whether you have the bandwidth to add another channel to the mix. If the answer to both questions is yes, then I would put more energy into Twitter, sharing lots of content and interacting with others in your same space. I like this Twitter marketing guide – it gives a good foundation for building an audience on Twitter: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/2013-twitter-marketing-guide/

  4. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile because 1) everybody’s doing it ( 😉 ) and because I’m finding I have a lot of things I want to say/link to that I don’t find blogworthy, but fit for my blog audience/vibe.

    However, I’m afraid of #3 on why not to do it. Another thing to manage! My intuition says slow down and wait a bit.

    1. Yup, another thing to manage. I guess it’s just a matter of weighing the benefits against the effort required. Intuition can be a good guide too. 🙂

  5. Fantastic post! I always figured Facebook pages were only for really popular artists and businesses. That seems to be changing now. But I’m still afraid of only building a few dozen “Likes.” Don’t want to appear amateurish/pathetic! I also don’t want to inundate my friends who subscribe to my Twitter, blog, and then Facebook w/ updates on my posts.

    1. Thanks! If you have the time to dedicate to a facebook page, you should get more than a few dozen likes. A great way to boost your number of likes is to do a contest or giveaway. I think a good way to avoid inundating your friends once you have a page for your blog is to refrain from posting about your blog from your personal page.

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