82 thoughts on “4 Desktop Twitter Clients to Replace the Old TweetDeck AIR

  1. If you used the old Tweetdeck you might want to try janetter look& feel is quite the same as the old tweetdeck but try for yourself…

    1. Thanks, James. I came across Janetter when researching TweetDeck alternatives and I am considering giving it a try, especially since none of the ones I reviewed blew me away. My only fear is falling in love with a lesser-known platform and then having it go under….

        1. I like a lot of the customization of janetter, and so far the best alternative I’ve seen, thanks – the two things I don’t like so far, like hootsuite you can’t clear previously read messages, and, the other is you can’t post across multiple twitter accounts at the same time, you have to reenter the message (admittedly copy and paste isn’t difficult) for each, and it’s a two click process to switch accounts for posting.

          1. I played around a bit with the settings and got it to feel less busy, and also, while there’s not a way to clear the previously read messages, there is at least a setting that allows you to pause your screen at the last read message so that you can start from where you left off and scroll from there (bizarrely, to me anyway, the default setting is just to have it scroll automatically and mark everything that passes by as already read, even if you’re not in front of the screen). So far, I’m liking it as an alternative to the soon to disappear version of tweetdeck that I like. The desktop version is definitely more user friendly than the app, but then, that’s often true of various apps.

        1. I updated the post with my review of Janetter. It’s at the end of the post. However, if you’re asking how it is now (I wrote the review last spring), I can’t tell you. Janetter was too cluttered for my tastes and I eventually settled on Tweetdeck.

  2. Hootsuite’s other real con is that you can’t clear the columns – I realize not everyone wants to, but I prefer to clear away previously read tweets, particularly in the direct message and mention columns.

  3. I want to know which apps will let me see “all replies” of people I follow to others, as Tweetdeck AIR does That’s the 100% most important thing to me as it helps me discover other interesting users and follow conversations and debates properly. I also run 16 or seventeen columns at a time for lists and hashtags etc.. I still do not know which alternative is best for me

      1. I did try Janetter but was unhappy with the look and especially unhappy that the global filter is rubbish and I was looking at lots of tweets containing people and subjects I had intended to mute entirely. I will take a look at MetroTwit though. Thank you:)

      2. So, I’m trying to figure out how to see all replies in Janetter, and I can’t find that function at all. Can someone give me a hand here?

        1. Wish I could help, Angel, but I’m not sure. I just tweeted Janetter (and others) to join the convo over here and help answer questions, so we’ll see if they respond.

        2. There is a little ‘down’ arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the box that the tweet is in. Click on it to reveal full conversation

  4. I want to ask a question … have any windows client the hability to see the tweets non replied / answered of any user? because i am using tweetdeck but i can´t find it…

    Thanks in advance!

  5. I’m dying now!!! I enjoyed my nice basic use of (old, AIR) Tweetdeck to post to both Twitter, and Facebook, at the same time, with as few clicks as possible. I’m not a power user, but I liked to be able to have a few columns – my feed, my direct messages, my mentions, and my Facebook feed. (And support for more than one Twitter account at a time).

    Oh, and it sat there on the desktop. Not on the web. Not as a Chrome bookmark whatever, which I’m not even sure about anyway.


    Melting!!! Dying!!!

    But seriously…. I’m going to try Janetter I think.

    Are there ANY (Windows, desktop) clients out there that support Twitter and FB simultaneously?

    1. I feel your pain. Seriously, I started the transition over a month ago and only now am I starting to feel comfortable with a new platform. It’s hard!

      To my knowledge, the only platform that supports both Twitter and FB at the same time in column format is Hootsuite. But as I mentioned, their “desktop” version is just a Chrome bookmark. You can use the web version of Hootsuite from any browser, and they also have a phone/tablet app.

      So I guess it depends on what’s more important to you– having something on the desktop or managing both FB and Twitter at the same time. Sorry there’s no ideal alternative that does both! Maybe someone will see the opportunity and develop something new?

  6. Going for MetroTwit, purely based on looks to be totally honest. Every choice will feel like I’m going back in time, so then I’m going back in time in style.

  7. I’ve been with Metrotwit for about 3 years but I’m now leaving them. I can’t even access MT atm and looking at MT’s twitter acc it looks like I’m not Robinson Crusoe in that regard. MT used to be very good at getting back to me regarding any problem but now it takes 2-3 days before they respond. You’re right also about the bugginess in the last month or so.
    Basically disappointed in Metrotwits response.

    Haven’t decided what I’m going for yet.

    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one struggling with MetroTwit. I wish they would straighten things out, as I do really like the platform when it’s working.

  8. seriously what coudl be the problem with Tweetdeck and facebook… you learn something…then again you got to learn a new thing entirely from new…janetter is my choice..just trying to be unorthodox here…

  9. I’m actually running Trillian right now (on PC) seeing how it works out. It’s a bit awkward on first glance, but it does run Twitter -AND- Facebook, so far it seems I am getting popup notifications of twitter feed, which is what I want. Still testing it out.

    1. Hmm, Trillian. The name sounds familiar–I think it’s been around a while–but didn’t realize it could be an option. Let me know how you like it.

  10. Cindy, have you heard of BuzzBundle? It’s the first desktop SMM software that came to my mind when reading about Janetter and MetroTwit. BuzzBundle has a greater social networks coverage and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

  11. Cindy,
    Has anyone found a solution to stop the new TweetDeck from freezing; I can’t be the only one who has his head in his work and doesn’t realise the feed has stopped? Restarting the whole application seems to be the only thing that’s worked so far and I’m never sure if I’ve caught up on the whole feed!

    Time to give Janetter a go me thinks and see if things work better there, thank you for all the work on this!


    1. This has happened to me, too — although not enough to make me want to quit using new TweetDeck. I do wish they’d at least add a refresh button so you don’t need to restart the application. I hope you have better luck with Janetter. I don’t think I had any issues with Janetter freezing up. It was just the busy interface that didn’t suit me. Happy to help.

  12. Never heard of Janetter. Just installed it and I like it! I was using Seesmic which was the best, but they sold out to Hootsuite and killed their product. I was hopeful Hootsuite would make theirs better but nope, it’s still annoying. Then I was using Sobees. I really liked the look of that one but couldn’t get Facebook to work on it, they would have API issues (or something) now and then, and support was non-existant, I think the company has abandoned it. Gave Tweetdeck a try again and it was ok. I might use it if I hadn’t read this about Janetter – it is much better! What I like is having each tweet take up as little space as possible so I can see a lot on the screen. Right now I have 10 tweets on the screen with Janetter to 7 with Tweetdeck. I realize that’s not a lot but I follow a ton of tech accounts to keep an eye out for stuff that could help my company, it makes a difference. Thanks for the Janetter tip! 🙂

  13. Thanks for the great review! Despite the warnings that it would die in May, Tweetdeck 0.38.2 has been working for me until this week. The main feed, mentions, and DMs are still working, but search columns have stopped updating and I can’t send tweets.

    I’ve tried the official Twitter client but hated the UI. Janetter is a decent substitute, though I agree that the interface is too crowded. I also wish you could do a Boolean search (e.g., #hashtag1 or #hashtag2) without having to use the Advanced Search option — but at least it’s possible.

    1. It’s taken me weeks to get accustomed to the UI for “new” TweetDeck. Some things still drive me nutty but overall I’m pretty well satisfied. I know a bunch of people here went with Janetter. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  14. Good reviews, I’ve been using Janetter for well over a year and find it fine. Though it does miss the odd tweet here and there. Metro Twit has been buggy of late, but uninstall it, then download the latest version. It’s as quick as it was when I first started using it, and have had no problems since. It too misses the odd tweet. Janetter is also available for Android and iOS, which can be handy.

    1. Ooh, thanks for the heads up on the latest version of MetroTwit. I might need to give them another go.

  15. I am loving Janetter! I have been using a combination of Hootsuite for the PC desktop and Tweetdeck in Chrome. I was a die hard user of Tweetdeck Air and may never completely forgive Twitter for sunsetting Version 38.2.
    In using Janetter with all it greatness, I have noticed there are a few features they REALLY need to include. New followers should have its own column since that is a pretty important thing to many people seeking to grow a good network. I think it’s crazy they have such a nice UI and settings panel but don’t include that. It would also be nice to have a way to see who retweeted you, which seems to have a pop notification but doesn’t reflect it in the Mentions tab. An Activity tab would be nice for those missing key features. I know it’s a stretch but including Klout scores would be nice and bigger image previews would also be a nice touch.
    Overall, I can live with Janetter as a strong replacement for old Tweetdeck. It’s fast and gives good profile details. I hope the dev team continues to upgrade it in the future. I will be giving MetroTwit a run later this weekend but I am happy with what Janetter delivers. Thanks for the suggestions.


  16. Thanks for this post Cindy. I am a loooong-holdout. I finally gave up on the air tweetdeck today. Your post really helped me to decide where I should put my attention. Thanks!

  17. I have been using Janetter both on pc and iPad for about a year now. I used it in conjunction with Tweedeck (Until Twitter ruined It) for some time to use the facilities on Tweedeck not included on Janetter. I still find it the best twitter client currently available but wish they would add:
    1. Future timed tweet option
    2, Suggested accounts when entering ‘D’ for a direct message.
    3. The abilty to add a column solely to display direct messages in/out.
    The search facility is a pain the way it adds a column you then have to delete. Tweetdeck was far better with the ‘search column’ where you could just edit it for a new search.

  18. Thanks for the post, my Adobe AIR tweetdeck finally went dark this morning so I’ve had to explore other options. The current version of TweetDeck seems a lot better than it was last time I tried it so I’m going to give it a chance. I might still give Janetter a try but that is for messing around with at home not at work.

  19. Oooh thank you for this! I finally gave up on old!Tweetdeck today after it refused to let me post anything & wouldn’t load any replies or DMs. But I’m so picky about what I want from a Twitter client I wasn’t sure I’d find anything. Trying out Janetter & it seems pretty good. Though I do wish there was a way to ‘mark’ where you were up to but still allow it to automatically refresh – I like to know where I’m up to, but it’s nice to keep an eye on updates as they come for things like breaking news stories. I’m also not sure if the translate function works – though in fairness the language I want to translate is Welsh, which is fairly obscure & not always covered by translating apps (old!Tweetdeck handled it)

    I also think new!Tweetdeck must’ve made a few changes since you posted this review, because I gave it a try & there were hardly any settings & it looked a little different to the screenshot you’ve got up there.

    1. Hi Debbi, Glad you found the post helpful! Yes, there have been at least two updates to new Tweetdeck since I wrote this post, so the interface looks slightly different but in my experience the functionality has remained pretty much the same. Good luck with your transition!

  20. On my desktop I’ll stick with Tweetdeck but last Tuesday good old and much loved Tweetdeck on my Android tablet went dead so I needed to replace it with a substitute. Frankly there is no easy solution since Tweetdeck was a very rounded and comfortable client with all the right features.
    I’m running a 6 horse twitter client trail run including Hootsuite, Janetter, Tweetline, Plume, Tweetcaster and the official Twitter app. I’ve used Twitter and Tweetcaster on my Phone running two separate accounts (which can be convenient when you don’t want to mix up the accounts). I’m also looking at the costs for a paid app for all the stated clients. Hootsuite is the most expensive, takes up 11 MB space but I’m not too keen on the dashboard and general feel to it. Janetter, Tweetline and Plume are quite similar. They take up around 10-11 MB, with a setup into multiple columns, running several accounts and many options and preferences. Tweetline is free, takes up only 5 MB and adfree but I find it a bit less intuitive to get around. For simple usage more than sufficient. My preference now is to go with Tweetcaster. It services most of my twitter needs including posting to read later clients, notifications, release in buffer for timed posts later, FB friendly (not using this but could be handy for those interested), great trends and statistics and mute/zip it – feature.
    Con side is the adds. but a paid version isn’t too much of a stretch.

    1. Hi RiaD, Thanks for sharing the info you’ve uncovered about mobile clients. I think there could be a entire (long) post about Twitter clients for mobile devices… There are a crazy number of choices out there. Wish some of that energy could go into making better desktop Twitter clients…

  21. Hi Cindy
    Found you via Google (how else?!), and your review of the alternatives was the best I came across – thank you.
    Along with others here, I’ve been using TweetDeck Air as it gradually faded away. Such a pity Twitter didn’t continue to develop it instead of building something else with the same name. We’ve used and tried the new ‘TweetDeck’ and the Chrome version – some good points, but no competition for the ‘Air’ version.
    Have just installed Janetter (again) … think I’ll be sticking with this … unless Twitter ups their game (and I’m not holding my breath … they’ve had more than a year already).
    It must be a fundamental law of nature (or at least human nature) that the bigger the organisation gets, the less they care about their customers.

  22. I was a huge fan of DestroyTwitter and I have not been satisfied with anything since. I prefer something I can shove in the corner of my desktop and watch throughout the day, while not a huge portion of my screen.

    1. I tried DestroyTwitter back when I first authored this post but didn’t include it because it’s single column design was so dissimilar to TweetDeck. Was looking for applications with similar layout/functionality to the old TweetDeck AIR. Looks like DestroyTwitter is no more, which is too bad for its users. It’s never fun when a tool you rely on goes away.

  23. I’ve been using new tweetdeck for the last month or two. Even with the keyboard shortcuts it’s still a nightmare, and I find myself using CNTRL + Enter in facebook and elsewhere where it makes no sense. The too-many clicks is also very bad. What I miss most is being able to tweet several people in one tweet by clicking on their faces.

    It could be worse. Twitter have removed the DM function from their blackberry twitter app. I’ve deleted the app in protest.

    1. I hear you. I totally miss being able to click on a bunch of profile photos to quickly tweet several people at once. I used to do that for #FF posts all the time. Argh. No DM function on the Twitter app for Blackberry? Crazy. I’d delete it too.

  24. Thanks for this post – I tried Janetta, even paid for it to get rid of the ads, and deleted it again as I really didn’t like it at all. I can’t even remember why, but something must have been seriously wrong for me to delete a paid ap!

    I will give MetroTwit a try, but if not I’ll have to just use Twitter with a tab open for each list! Can’t believe how badly they ruined Tweetdeck. 🙁 I was sorry to see Hootsuite wasn’t a contender, as that was the alternative I was recommended when I first tried Tweetdeck.

    Thanks again.

  25. Sadly it wasn’t mentioned metrotwit forces me to use IE so I’ve had to delete that. Might be worth putting that in the blog. Ta!

    1. When I tested MetroTwit I downloaded the desktop version, so I didn’t use a browser. The screenshots and review are for the desktop version. Sorry the online version made you use IE. I don’t use IE either, so that would be a dealbreaker for me also.

  26. I had been using TweetDesk so far. Never tried anything other than TD. Will give a try on any other and let me see how good and UI friendly is it gonna be for me 🙂

    Thanks sharing such wonderful article…

  27. Tried Janetter. It seemed AWESOME, until I learned that it doesn’t support Favorites as a timeline. That was a dealbreaker for me. So, back to TweetDeck it is…

  28. I just downloaded Janeter432 for Windows and OH MY! Over 22 mega-bytes. Not the simple lightweight client I was looking for. Looks like Tweetdeck is 28 MB. Both ridiculously HUGE & no doubt far more functionality than I’m looking for. I’ve been using the Twitter website via browser for a long time, but the UI really got me steamed. Whenever you type a name, a list of suggestions pops up and interferes with your text entry. There’s no way to make that stop. There used to be a whole slew of small lightweight and short-lived Twitter clients, now there are only a few heavy-weights and they all seem to be the type that try to do EVERYTHING in the social media world.
    The biggest problem with virtually ALL applications is that they don’t provide enough customisability so that users can have the experience that they personally and individually are looking for. Everybody is different and has different priorities. I like to type. I don’t care in anybody reads my crap. I don’t care much about reading anybody’s crap. I’m not on Facebook. I don’t need 65 columns sucking up my tiny netbook screen. Just gimme an Entry-box so I can type my Tweet and snd it AND let me shut-off and turn-on options like auto-correct, auto-fill, auto-suggest etc easily and quickly.

  29. Using Janetter now. Almost perfect for me. Except:

    Web Twitter automatically puts up a list of user names whenever you start to type any name. This is very helpful if you’re having difficulty remembering the Twitter handle of someone you follow or tweet to frequently, however it’s also a HUGE nuisance sometimes when you’re just including somebody’s name in the tweet. Janetter needs to make this feature work better. I should definitely see an auto-fill suggestion if I start typing the name of anyone I follow. I should also be able to disable or enable the feature via a small icon in the the Tweet Entry Box. I shoulc also be able to customize the feature in the following ways:
    Checkbox1- Suggest Twitter handles of ppl I follow
    Checkbox2- Suggest Twitter handles of ppl I’ve tweeted before
    Checkbox3- Suggest Twitter handles of ppl popular on Twitter

    Had to switch to Extra-Extra Large font and it’s still not as big as I’d like. My netbook has very small screen..

  30. UPDATE! TweetDeck has improved. You no longer have to click on a button every time you want to write a Tweet. Just do it once after installing the app to open the “New Tweet” column and then put a check in the checkbox down at the bottom of the column labeled “Stay Open”

    I have to give TweetDeck a slight edge over Janetter right now because it does a better job of automatically supplying a list of Twitter handles when you start to type someone’s name, or enter the “@” sign. However, TweetDeck settings are very limited. If you prefer to have a New Tweet Box above or below your timelines, only Janetter provides this. Janetter doesn’t provide Tweet Scheduling, but has more settings options. Both apps need to add more user settings. Neither app allows you to create a column showing Worldwide or National trending names/phrases or select the geographical area.

  31. I have been using Janeteer but it always begins to malfunction after a few days and I keep having to uninstall and re-install. I am using it with Windows 8.1. Today, I uninstalled, reinstalled and now it won’t let me get into my Twitter account, saying the “application cannot authenticate more users at this time” and to try again later. It has been saying this for one hour now. I am going to try MetroTwit…

  32. Now they killed janetter too. ” Because of Twitter’s token policy, you can’t register accounts on this app any more. Sorry.”

    So now I don’t have only to look for a substitute for Yellow tweetdeck but also for Janetter. What’s the third best option? i guess I’ll give Metrotwit a try.

    It’s amazing how twitter wants us to use their crappy blue tweetdeck when there were better options. And they kill them!

    1. Yikes. I guess Janetter is no longer an option. I’d try Metrotwit or go with “new” Tweetdeck, which has vastly improved since this post was written.

  33. MetroTwit isn’t an option anymore either. Just found this article and went to try it, and it’s been discontinued. So, I’m using TweetDeck instead. I sure miss TweetDeck Air.

    1. Wow. Funny how much changes in a year. I’m fine with “new” TweetDeck now. It’s much better than it was a year ago.

  34. So where are we now in terms of desktop clients with multiple SocMedia access?

    Metrotwit – defunct
    Janetter – obsolete
    TweetDeck – Twitter-only
    HootSuite – browser only

    time for a new review?

    1. Yes indeed, but I don’t blog so much anymore. If anyone wants to write one, I’ll be happy to link to it here!

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