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How to Convert Your Personal Pinterest Account to a Business Account

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convert pinterest accountIf you’re a business owner or a blogger who uses Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, you may be interested in creating a Pinterest business account.

There are several benefits to creating a business account. First, you’ll be able to access Pinterest analytics. Also, with a Pinterest business account you can use your business name vs. first and last names. And if you’re interested, you’ll be able to create Rich Pins, and get access to upcoming business features such as advertising.

If you already have a personal account that you have been using for a while and have built up a following, don’t despair – there’s no need to start over and create a new account (unless you want to– some people prefer to use two separate accounts). You can convert your existing personal Pinterest account to a business account in just a few clicks. And in case you’re curious (I was), Pinterest business accounts don’t look any different than personal accounts.

To convert your account, login to your current Pinterest account. At the top left corner of the page, click on the red button with the three little lines (that’s the best way I can describe it) and select Businesses.

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On the new screen, you’ll see a prompt right below the red Join as a Business button that says “Already have an account? Convert now“.  Click that!

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Pinterest will ask you to choose a business category and request a few other pieces of info. Then… shazam! Your account is now a business account!

[NOTE: I’ve heard from a reader who was unable to convert her page until her page description was less than 160 characters. If you are having trouble converting your page, you may want to try shortening the description.]

Your Pinterest page will look the same as before but now you’ll have fancy analytics to obsess over and all of the other benefits I described above.

In order to see your analytics, there is one more step to take, if you haven’t done this already with your personal account.

Verify your website on Pinterest. Pinterest provides instructions on how to do this. However I found these instructions a bit easier to understand when the metatag method didn’t work for me: verify your website on Pinterest. Note: I followed those instructions but it was even easier for me than she describes – I was able to upload the HTML file to my public_html folder via my Hostgator cpanel instead of having to use an FTP client like FileZilla.

There you go!

Well, almost. You’ll need to wait a bit for Pinterest to start calculating your analytics, and the stats only begin from the day you verify your website. While you wait, you can watch this Pinterest Web Analytics Walkthrough video to learn how to use your analytics features.

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81 thoughts on “How to Convert Your Personal Pinterest Account to a Business Account

  1. Great post Cindy. Do you know how to verify if you have a business account if you had already switched over to the new look and had already verified your website? I can see analytics already, but not sure if I am set up officially as a “business.”

  2. I love how you did a step by step process of showing how to convert the personal account to a business account, but I’m already stuck on step 1. At the top of my personal page there is NOT an “About” tab. What am I missing? I’ve tried and tried. Granted, I’m not the most computer savy person out there, but this seems pretty basic. I know with FB you can have a personal account and a business account. Doesn’t Pinterest work the same way or can you only have one account?

    1. It might be because you were in Pinterest’s “new look”. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select “Switch to old look.” Then the “About” tab should appear. Let me know if that works!

    1. Hmm. How long have you had the account? How active is the account? Google cannot necessarily “find” every Pinterest account out there. SEO is not my area of expertise but those are my initial thoughts.

  3. Hi Cindy

    I have a pinterst account and tried to convert it to a business account but am not sure if it worked. Once i clicked on convert and signed into my account nothing popped up for me to “choose a business category and request a few other pieces of info” it just directed me to the home popular news feed.

    1. Click into your account settings (upper right hand corner, click on your name/photo and choose “Settings” in the dropdown). If your settings have the “Business Type” field than you have a business account. If not, try converting again.

  4. Great post, Cindy!

    I am considering the switch from personal to business account for my Pinterest. One important question – will the url for my Pinterest account change once I switch from Personal to Business??


    1. Funny, I had this exact question for a client of mine and I couldn’t find any documentation on how to switch back to a Pinterest personal account. I think an email to Pinterest customer support might be necessary. Sorry I can’t help!

  5. Is there a way to link your pintrest to your FB page if you have your Blog FB hooked to your personal FB account? I am having trouble. Please help!

  6. I followed your step by step instructions and I clicked agree to terms and then get to the bottom and see cancel and convert but convert is not clickable.. What am i doing wrong?

    1. Here’s what I would do, in case you haven’t already tried these… 1. make sure all fields are filled in; 2. log out and log back in and try again; 3. try a different browser. If none of those work, contact Pinterest customer service.

    2. So glad I am not the only one having this issue, I have tried a few times now, wondering if it is something I should be able to do on an IPad or not??

      1. Sorry you are having trouble! I wouldn’t recommend using your iPad for this. Try switching to your computer and see what happens.

  7. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something which I think I
    would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me.
    I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  8. Hi! I have a business account but would like to set up a personal account for those boards which have everything to do with me but nothing to do with my business. Every time I log out of my business account to try to create a personal account, I get logged back in automatically. Can you have both a personal and business account? How do you do it?

    1. Hi Dottie,

      Sounds like a cookie in your browser is automatically logging you in. This is supposed to be convenient, but it definitely is not when you are trying to set up a new account. You need to completely log out of Pinterest by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner and selecting “Log Out”. Then Pinterest should let you create a new account. Alternatively, you could create a new account in a different browser (that presumably does not have the cookie.) Good luck!

  9. I converted to a business Pinterest. Now I can’t log on to my personal Pinterest and can’t personal items to my personal account.
    I don’t want personal items on my business Pinterest.
    How can I change this? Cancel converted business so I’ll be able to pin to personal account?

    1. I’m sorry you’re upset, Donna! Converting a personal account to a business account assumes you want to use your account for business purposes. If that’s not the case, I’m not aware of a way to undo the conversion – Pinterest customer support may be able to help. There are a few options for pinning personal items once you have a business account… you can pin personal items to the Secret Boards down at the bottom of the page. No one but you will see the pins on these boards. Pinterest used to only allow three secret boards but that number has increased. On my business account I have space for six. Another option would be to can set up a separate personal account with a new username, and transfer your personal pins to that account (and by “transfer”, I mean manually repin). I hope you are able to find a solution that works!

  10. Hi Cindy,

    It seemed easy enough, and I felt like I was doing all the right things BUT now I’m stuck. I use blogger for my blog. I’m at the point on Pinterest that says verify your website. It told me to download the verification file, which I did. It gave me a meta file which I copied and pasted into the html for my blog under the word head. I saved template. Then went back to Pinterest and clicked on complete verification. Then is says trouble verifying your domail. Not sure where to go from here. Can you help?

    1. I wish I could! I’m not as familiar with Blogger as I am with WordPress. I think your best bet is to contact Pinterest customer service. If they can’t help, try contacting Blogger. Good luck!

  11. So I just converted and now I can’t access my personal account with my secret boards. Also, I’ve just lost 14K followers! For some reason I just thought everything would move on over to the new business account but it literally makes you start all over. Do you know if there is a way to convert your personal followers, or if there’s a way to deactivate the business account and just go back to a personal account? I obviously should have read more into it before I just converted. Thanks!

    1. When you convert to a business account, you shouldn’t lose any followers at all! That’s why people choose to convert rather than starting fresh. I would contact Pinterest customer support, if you haven’t already.

  12. I’m wondering about the benefits of having a business account instead of a personal account. I use my current personal account for both and I’ve been satisfied with my experience. I’m wondering what purpose having a business account serves. I can already access analytics with my personal account.

  13. Hi Cindy,

    I have a question about the pinterest username url (i.e.

    I’m going to be converting a client’s personal profile to a business profile (first time for me) and I can’t seem to find the answer to this question. Can I change the url or will it remain as her personal username? I would rather it wasn’t her name, but her business name.

    Thanks for any help you or someone on this thread can offer.

  14. Hey! Thanks for this. 🙂 I’ve verified my site, but I’d like to add another site. Do you know if there is a way to do this on only ONE business account?

    1. Hi Julie, I don’t think you can verify two websites on one account. You can ask Pinterest customer service, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  15. HELP!! I converted from a personal to a business page about a week ago and everything has been working fine. Was even working fine this afternoon. Tonight I go to Pinterest and my home feed is WAY different – asking me to follow 5 boards. I follwed 5 – then it asked me to do it again. Then I dug around and realized ALL of the boards I was following AND all of my followers are GONE!!! Both say “0”. All my boards are still there with all the pins I posted … but it’s treating me like a brand new user….I’m panicking!! Any ideas on what’s going on?? I couldn’t even find an answer on Google!! 🙁

    1. If Pinterest is anything like Facebook, they might need some time to “release” your username once you convert your account. Try contacting Pinterest customer support.

  16. I was wondering if you might be able to answer a question for me. I was hoping that my personal account might also stay in existence? If I wanted to keep a personal account will I need to recreate that? Also if I have been providing links everywhere for my pinterest account will those links still work and will the links to all my pins still be active? What will happen also to all my followers and such when I convert to a business account? I just wanted to make sure of these things prior to making the conversion.
    Thank you so much for your time.

  17. Hi! Thanks for this post but I’m wondering if you can help me with something b/c I haven’t been able to get a response from Pinterest. I converted my personal page to a business page but the link to Facebook (on my Pinterest profile) takes you to my personal Facebook page instead of my business page. And I can’t find any options to change that particular setting. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Kara, Your Facebook settings is in the “Account Settings” area of Pinterest. There’s a link to Account Settings if you click “Edit Profile” on your main page.

  18. I converted personal acct to a business. I wanted to keep all the stuff on the personal one so I copied all the business boards over. Then I deactivated business and renamed personal with the business name. It won’t verify website but it goes to my website. But from website it won’t go to Pinterest, says error. I’ve tried everything I know. Nothing works!!
    Can you help me, because Pinterest doesn’t answer

    1. Hi Carole, Did you change the coding of your website link to Pinterest to the new name? That’s the only thing I can think of!

  19. Hello Carole, If I have a Pinterest business account, can people browse and interact with the page without logging in as a Pinterest user?

  20. Hi there
    I need to convert mine back from business to individual as I just did it by mistake on behalf of a client when i was logged in as me not her! Any tips??!! Help!!!

    1. Hi Meagan,
      Sorry for my late reply – I missed your comment in my queue! I don’t think you can do this. I would contact Pinterest customer service.

  21. Hi, I sell my handmade body and bath products thru Etsy. When I initially set up Pinterest I think I did so as a Business Account, but I clicked on the Convert anyway because I don’t see anything that indicates I’m seen as a business. The problem came when I tried to Verify my website, as the only website address I have is my Etsy shop. Example:
    The Verify came up as Error. I tried from several different sites, same thing.
    Can you advise me please? Thank You!

    1. Hi Taleda,
      I looked into this and unfortunately you cannot verify an Etsy site with Pinterest. If you ever decide to get your own website and link to your shop, you can verify that one.

  22. My Pinterest has kind of been a business/personal account. I did not choose to convert yet. I would like to start another for just personal use. Do you know if there is a way to transfer pins to a new “Personal Account” so I don’t lose all of them?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Somehow I missed this comment from months ago, but in case you still have the question (or someone else does) the solution would be start a new personal account and repin the pins you have for personal use. You can’t transfer groups of pins.

  23. Mine is going to be the SILLIEST question, I’m sure… I cannot decide which type of business I am! I am a jewelry designer (and I do have my own domain pointing to my Etsy shop), does that make me a Pro Designer, a Retailer, Online Marketplace or Other?! I feel so ridiculous asking this. Hahaha! Very helpful post tho.

    1. Hi Christa,
      I don’t think it matters too much what you choose. It’s not something that’s going to show up publicly. I would probably choose Designer or Retailer. Definitely not Other. 🙂

  24. Hi Cindy, could you tell me if analytics tell me who exactly is viewing my Pinterest or where they are located? Wanted to see if there’s a certain region that attracts more interest. Thank you!

  25. Hi Cindy,
    I’d like to change my Pinterest to a business account AND change the name to my Etsy shop. From what I understand, I shouldn’t lose followers and favorites, right?

    Also, you said earlier that an Etsy shop cannot be verified with Pinterest. What does that mean?


    1. You don’t lose anything when you convert to a business account. And you can change the name of your Pinterest account to match your new Etsy shop name.

      You verify your website with Pinterest to see how much traffic Pinterest is sending to your website or blog. But since you don’t own your Etsy shop site (it lives on you cannot verify your site with Pinterest. It’s not a huge deal… you just miss out on some of the back end analytics that website owners have access to.

  26. Thanks so much! I just converted my Trailer Traveler Pinterest boards to a business account. But I lost the search function. My website readers (admittedly not many yet) are complaining they can’t find Trailer Traveler on the Pinterest search. Pinterest Customer Service says something about making sure the search function is set to pinners and not all pins, but I can’t find anything like that in settings. What am I missing and why can’t my readers, not just me, locate my boards anymore? 🙁 I appreciate any insight. Cheers — Jan

    1. Hi Jan – Sorry for the late reply – Looks like you’re all set because I was able to find your boards in Pinterest search! Sometimes when you convert accounts it takes Pinterest a little while of time to get everything re-situated in search.

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