Twitter Image Sizing: Best Practices for In-Stream Images

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You’ve probably noticed more and more images showing up in your Twitter stream. Ever since Twitter added image previews to the stream last fall, users and brands have taken advantage of the opportunity to make the Twitter experience more visual.

I was curious about how to avoid images being cropped incorrectly in the Twitter stream (like this one below).  I see this all over Twitter so it’s a relatively new trick that not everyone has figured out yet. Turns out, the solution is quite simple.

twitter images cut off head

According to what I found, Twitter tends to cut a square image or vertical image across the center of the image, although some reports say it can be totally random where it gets cut. That can still be okay, depending on the image. For example this one came out fine, even though the original image is nearly square:

twitter image square

Rectangular (landscape) images will do best, since the in-stream preview is a rectangular landscape.  Like this one:


The IDEAL image dimensions for the image preview, according to Twitter, is 1024×512. But if your images aren’t that large, any 2:1 ratio is a good second choice. So, before posting your image to Twitter, simply crop it to a rectangular shape in a 2:1 ratio. An easy (and free) tool to crop and resize images for this purpose is PicMonkey.

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