When Scheduling Tweets Is Bad For Your Brand

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I don’t know too many brands who don’t schedule their Twitter messages to some degree. Unless companies have a social media team glued to their keyboards 24/7, scheduling tweets on Twitter is a reality for most. And it’s a generally accepted practice – when done well and sparingly, followers often can’t even tell the difference between scheduled and live tweets.

Until a major event occurs that temporarily consumes the Twitterverse. Like a hurricane. Or a presidential election. When everyone is talking about that Big Thing, your scheduled tweet sticks out. Looks… contrived.

And you look like you’re either unaware or don’t care about the Big Thing.

And that looks bad for your brand.

This tweet went out last night at 11pm Eastern to this brand’s 361,000 followers, approximately 15 minutes before Barack Obama was projected winner of the U.S. Presidential election.

Let’s just say most people were not tweeting about makeup at that moment.

What’s most frustrating about “sore thumb” type twitter scheduling is how incredibly easy it is to fix. There’s really no excuse for this out-of-place messaging. Look at the calendar and refine your scheduling for major holidays and national events. If you can’t plan ahead, simply press pause on your scheduling tool. Click. Done.

So the next time Twitter is on fire with matters of national importance, turn off your scheduler and either engage authentically or say nothing at all. I promise you can get back to business tomorrow.
photo credit: wenzday01 via photopin cc

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