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20+ Resources to Help You Achieve Your Professional New Year’s Resolutions

clockIt’s the beginning of 2013 and if you’re like me, you’re starting to tackle both personal and professional new year’s resolutions. And although many argue that the new year is arbitrary — that we should be continuously striving to do better, no matter what day it is — I like January 1st as a purposeful starting point for improving yourself at home and at work.

No matter what you resolve to do better in 2013, useful resources abound to help you make good on your business-related new year’s pledges.

Check out the following handy resources if your professional new year’s resolution is to:

Read more books

Fast Company put together an awesome list of The Best Business Books of 2012: Find Fulfillment, Get Productive and Create Healthy Habits. At the top of my professional to-read pile is Daring Greatly by Brené Brown.

Get organized

Time Management Ninja is one of my favorite organization blogs. They have a nice compilation of their best posts on the Best of TMN page. They (like me) are huge fans of Evernote – the omniplatform app that lets you grab and organize information and content across all of your devices. For example, I used the Evernote web clipper to grab the Fast Company book list, and then pulled it up on my Evernote iPhone app when I was at the bookstore. Instant access to the list when I needed it.

Improve your social media marketing

There are thousands of articles, lists and pieces of advice out there to improve your social media marketing. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are such moving targets it’s hard to keep up with best practices. My advice? Read, read, read. A few articles have stood out to me lately as particularly innovative and helpful. I really like this article from the Australian blog Socially Sorted on doing better at Twitter: Make Twitter Work for You – 10 Ways to Rock Your Tweets. If you’re a Facebook marketer, this 2013 Facebook Marketing Pledge from Jon Loomer is spot on.


I’m a huge fan of the value of in-person networking at events and conferences. Eventbrite is a great resource for finding in-person networking events, classes and conferences. If online networking is your goal, Twitter chats are a great place to connect with other professionals. If you are a marketer like me, I like this compilation of marketing Twitter chats from the folks at Raven Tools. To find chats on other topics– and there’s a chat on just about every topic these days– check out this exhaustive list of Tweetchats by day of the week. It’s also worth searching for networking groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and now Google Plus.

Write more (and better)

Whether your goal be professional writing, blogging or creative writing, help abounds to rev up or refine your writing mojo. I’ve  recently discovered the writing blog Write to Done, which covers a nice scope of topics related to writing technique, motivation, inspiration and promotion. For bloggers, Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is now a classic reference for launching or relaunching a blog. To keep yourself motivated through the month-long process, assemble a group of blogging friends and do it together.

Polish your brand

If your 2013 goal is to kick it up a notch with your personal or business brand – by launching or relaunching your blog, commissioning a professional logo or creating an email newsletter, I’ve created a resource list of the sites and services I recommend most.

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