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Some new ideas for Facebook admins.

I recently downloaded a free e-book from Social Fresh called 64 Facebook Content Tips. I wasn’t sure what to expect—I’ve seen lists of Facebook Page “tips” before and they’re frequently the same set of ideas I’ve read 1000 times before. (Ask your fans a question! Choose a fan of the week!)

But Social Fresh gives some tips for engaging your fans that are, well… fresh.  Sure, they tell you to ask your fans a question, but they suggest a dozen interesting ways to do so. The tips are reinforced with tidbits of supporting research, and a few of them suggest ways to take advantage of the new Facebook Page features. (For example tip #7: Like other pages as a page.)

So here are the 5 tips from Social Fresh that I can’t wait to try:

#20 Do not post groups of photos all at once: Publish images one at a time or three at a time (the most that will be previewed on the wall) to create more reactions over multiple days or weeks.

This idea makes a lot of sense. I frequently post photos of new products—usually several at once. If I space them out and posted them one at a time, there will be more opportunity for fans to react and comment.

#33 From the archives: Every week or month, showcase historical photos, articles, or advertisements to engage user responses around the brand’s history.

Love this idea. Our customer lifetime value is relatively short, and doing a little reminiscing about brand history may re-engage fans who may have forgotten about us.

#41 Ask metaphorical questions: For example “If your life were an 80’s movie…” or “If your business were a Reality TV show…” or (a real example) “An Oreo cookie without milk is like…” and #48 Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10: Ask fans to rate something from 1 to 10. For example “How important is chocolate in your life, on a scale of 1 to 10?” And then announce the average of the answers to see the community response.

Two unique ways to ask your fans a question and get them talking.

#61 Make your Facebook page part of a larger contest or campaign: For instance post clues on your wall as part of an online scavenger hunt that includes your Twitter account, blog, and Youtube channel.

I’d love to see an example of this (if you’ve seen one, tell me about it in the comments). A scavenger hunt seems like a clever way to get fans familiar will all of your online channels/resources.

#63 Include links in text status update and not the links box. The update will display the link as clickable in addition to the normal title, photo, and meta description of the link. At a minimum this allows an additional opportunity for a fan to click the link. These links stand out as different and can get clicked on more.

I had to read this one twice to make sure I understood that yes, they are telling me to post the link twice in the same update. Once in the text of your update and once in the official link sharing way. Very interesting idea and I’ll be curious how it may affect clickthroughs.

Go grab the free e-book from Social Fresh and share which tip(s) you want to try. Or tell me—do you already do any of these things on your Facebook Page?

Oh, and I’m not affiliated with Social Fresh in any way. I just happen to like smart people who share good ideas.