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I confess. I am a stealer of photos. Google Images is like a candy shop… I know I shouldn’t indulge, but I can’t help myself! But as most people know, Google Images is a search engine for other people’s photos. You know, the kind other people have copyrights for. They are not free for you (or me) to use.

So how does one get high quality images for their blog or website without spending a fortune?


I adore this site. A zillion high quality images with something for everyone. There’s very little you won’t find here. I recently had to find a photo of a baby holding a measuring tape (don’t ask… it has to do with my day job). A quick keyword search in iStockphoto and lo and behold… twenty-four baby-with-measuring-tape photos are available!

iStockphoto isn’t free—you buy credits in sets of 12 or more and use the credits to purchase photos on the site. Prices vary by size. I like the dollar bin where you can search their most inexpensive photos (most of which literally cost a dollar or two). They also offer a free photo of the week, which I’ve started downloading on a regular basis. I stick them in my rainy day file—who knows when I might need a photo of pills or clip art of a sub sandwich?

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr, which contains millions of photos from people all over the world, has a set of photos that are offered with the Creative Commons license. That means you can use them as long as you give the photographer credit. (Check the license for the photo you’d like to use, some have other restrictions.)

Flickr images tend to be less polished-looking than iStockphoto, because many of them are just photos by regular people, not professional photographers. But there is some decent stuff in there if you’re willing to dig. You can give credit in the photo caption or simply add a footnote to your blog.

Take them yourself

What a novel idea! Grab your point-and-shoot digital camera and go crazy. The photos will be all yours and they don’t cost a dime. You can even mess with them in Picnik (my fave free online photo editor) without making anyone angry.

What are your favorite sources for blog or website photos?

Photo credit: Sifu Renka, Flickr