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I was able to peek at what people had pinned from our company blog, plus their descriptions and comments.

How to See If Your Website or Blog is Being Pinned to Pinterest

I was able to peek at what people had pinned from our company blog, plus their descriptions and comments.

If you’re a blogger or website administrator and you’re seeing some traffic being generated from Pinterest, you may be curious to learn just what parts of your site are being pinned.

You can do some backtracking through Google Analytics to get this information, but there’s an easier way. And you don’t even need to be logged into Pinterest to do it.

Just type in this URL: http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomainname.com/ and Replace “yourdomainname.com” with, well… your domain name. Leave off the “www”.

For example, the company blog that I manage is at http://www.parentingstartshere.com. So I type in http://pinterest.com/source/parentingstartshere.com/ and I see everything that has been pinned from our blog. I can do the same from our e-commerce site.

What is most interesting to me is to see how people described the pins and read any comments that were posted. I’m even curious to see how they categorized them. From a brand perspective, this is yet another way to monitor what is being said about you, get feedback and even join the conversation. It’s also a nice way to find people and boards to follow (who will likely follow you back).

Note: You can also get to this page by clicking on the link at the bottom of any pin that links to your site. But typing in the URL is probably quicker. You can even bookmark the URL so you can check in periodically to see what parts of your site are “pin-worthy”.

The simple way to see if you are being pinned to Pinterest[Update, April 2013: Pinterest business pages can now view this information through Pinterest Analytics by clicking Analytics > Most Recent. However, clicking “Most Recent” simply directs you to the URL described above. So the URL trick is a still a good one for those who have not changed their personal page to a business page OR (perhaps better yet) for those who want to peek at what is being pinned on their competitors sites.]