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I’m preparing a presentation for the Social Media and Community 2.0 Strategies conference next month, and it’s going to set the place on fire… it’s called Beyond the Theory of Measurement.

Okay, I didn’t choose the name.

The session is scheduled for 3:30 in the afternoon. Right after the refreshment break. If I have to present in the late afternoon (snooze fest!) at least it’s right after everyone has a snack. If I’m lucky, the attendees will be too jacked up on the post-refreshment sugar/carb/caffeine rush to doze off during my session.

They can fall asleep during the presentation after mine.

This is my first conference presentation as a Community Manager and I want people to remember it. Remember me. So thank God I saw this Slideshare presentation by Jesse Desjardins. Because apparently, I suck at PowerPoint.

Don’t pity me. Because you probably suck at it too.

You Suck At PowerPoint!
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So all that I need to do is create a PowerPoint presentation that doesn’t suck. Oh, and somehow bribe the conference attendees to skip the sessions by Dell, Verizon, and AllRecipes.com to come to mine. Piece of cake.