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I’m at the Mom 2.0 Summit in New Orleans. It’s like a microcosm of the smartest, funniest most connected group of women (and men) you’ve ever met. I’ve been laughing, learning, networking and playing with Legos.

As expected at a mom blogging conference, brands are also here to kowtow to the bloggers, throw free stuff at them, and hope for some PR love in return. Normally I don’t spend too much time with the brands, but occasionally there are exceptions. And yesterday the exception was the Microsoft Windows lounge.

What lured me over to the Microsoft Windows lounge?

  • The reliable wireless connection. Yes, you read that correctly. I’m at a blogging conference and the internet connection isn’t good. Don’t even get me started.
  • The food. Food is important (to me), and the Windows lounge had the best spread in the whole place.

But what kept me there were the great people. So nice! So helpful! So not pushy about Microsoft products! They held a roundtable session where they shared great SEO tips including using Google’s adwords keyword search tool. Yes, they recommended Google, not Bing. Because they are living in the real world. Love it.

When I told them about how much I love Windows Live Writer and how I blogged about Live Writer this past January, they filmed me and put me on their blog, with a link back to mine. Even though the opening sentence of my post wasn’t entirely complimentary of Microsoft. Ahem. Can I take it back?

I’m not usually one to gush about Microsoft products. Because I’m a slave to them, as most of us are, and I slightly resent that. But I have to say, I kinda love Windows Live Writer.

When I first started blogging on WordPress I didn’t know there was any other option for writing besides the WordPress interface. And the WordPress interface can be frustrating. Because it’s web-based, it’s sluggish, and it’s a pain to move back and forth between post drafts. I can’t ever seem to get bulleted lists, numbered lists and quotations to come out right. And I hate the insert image function—it’s clunky to use and doesn’t give you a lot of flexibility to play around with your photos.

Then one day I stumbled upon a blog post describing different desktop blog clients. I’m not sure how I found the post—I must have Googled something like “hate WordPress writing interface” or something—but there it was, a huge list of alternatives!

I downloaded Windows Live Writer (it’s free) and it changed my blogging world. Here’s why I love it:

  • It runs as smoothly and quickly as any other desktop word processing program.
  • You can use it for multiple blogs—this is key for me because I have a personal blog and a work blog, and it’s a huge PITA to log in and out of WordPress to switch between the two.
  • It’s super easy to add, resize and manipulate your photos. You can even get creative and crop, tilt and add shadows to your photos right within the program.
  • Live Writer has great built-in functionality, but you can get even more by downloading plug-ins, like the Polariod plug-in I used for the picture above. You can also get plug-ins that will allow you to add things like maps and tables and photo albums to your posts.
  • Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Gotta love free.

So needless to say, I highly recommend you get a blogging client. But if you enjoy slow, clunky, limited blogging interfaces, stick with WordPress. You’ll be very happy.